A Prairie Adventure‚Äč

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A place in the country,

A bed and breakfast,
A guest ranch,

Just call it HOME for your stay.

Eustis,  Nebraska 

Nature's Rural Retreat

Maybe you came from the country or maybe your people did, didn't we all. 

Well it's still there, in places. 

What did Cather say, you know who Cather was don't you.

"We come and go but the land is always here. 

And the people who love it and understand it are the people who own it -- for a little while."

I know we are vision based so go to photos for that.

Our story is in about and you can book under contact. 

We don't know if you will visit but if you do we know why you will return.


Due to the State of the world as it is now Natures Rural Retreat is willing to help out in any way we can.  If you need sanctuary contact us.