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One woman who stayed with a group of seminary students commented, "We had such a quiet, yet fun time together allowing for some deep reflection time."

The canyons of the pasture, which borders the retreat yard, are a great place to hike, the quiet country roads welcome bikers, and the corrals can be filled with guests' horses, which may be ridden through the pasture and fields.

"This was the best (lodging) solution for a large family and a much needed respite from a crazy city life. We soon found that it was not only a respite, but a complete renewal. This gem of a retreat will be forever in our memories, and we will be back again."     

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A large farm yard, grills, a fire pit, a barn, a sand pile, an old-fashioned swing, picnic tables, a deck, and a screened-in deck allow families a great setting for eating, playing and relaxing together.

for hiking, biking and horseback riding...

Nature's Rural Retreat

As operators of Great Nebraska Hunting, we offer hunting/lodging packages to hunters of​upland game, deer and turkey. A shooting range allows for sighting and practice, and a cleaning station with running water allows hunters to dress birds and prepare deer for processing.

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Located on the quiet prairie, xeroscaped with native wildflowers, shrubs and trees, this retreat for people is also a sanctuary for wildlife. Clear night skies allow for awesome stargazing from the deck, on the barn or the front porch.

A Prairie Adventure

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